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GLOBUS – EPILMAX G-LIGHT 500 – Epilateur lumière pulsée mai 22, 2017

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GLOBUS – EPILMAX G-LIGHT 500 – Epilateur lumière pulsée


PRIX: EUR 996,01

« Pulsed-light device that combines permanent epilation and anti-ageing features all in one. Two flashlamps: 6,000 for epilation and 20,000 for photorejuvenation.

Laser epilation consists in the use of laser energy for a definitive hair reduction. Epilmax G-Light 500 emits a flash of very high-intensity light energy that is absorbed by the hair melanin pigment, thus causing a rapid heating of the hair follicle. Heat destroys the dermal papilla (hair follicle), responsible for hair growth.

The phrase ‘skin photorejuvenation’ means a group of dermatological procedures that use specific high-intensity pulsed light sources (IPL) to generate corrective biological effects in the tissues altered by photoaging (sun damage), chronological ageing (age) and other alterations.

The IPL hair removal uses laser energy to a permanent reduction of hair.
G-Light Epilmax emits light energy which is absorbed by the pigment melanin, causing a rapid warming of the hair follicle, the heat destroys the dermal papilla (hair follicle) responsible for hair growth and prevents the regrowth of hair after having dropped .
Epilmax therefore allow the reduction of hair to suit your needs, anytime, anywhere.
Epilmax G-Light is based on the same technology found in laser hair removal systems on the market used by clinics worldwide, with the difference that Epilmax G-Light is easily transportable, easy to use and extremely secure.
It is equipped with a sensor that control if the lamp is in contact with skin.
A dedicated LED also indicates when the lamp is exhausted.
Epilmax G-Light is easy to use: Clicking on your skin type it automatically adjusts the intensity of the laser and begin the treatment.
Epilmax G-Light can be easily transported and also be used in the comfort and privacy of your home.CARACTÉRISTIQUES: Wavelength; 470/1100 nm Intensité payable: 1,8J / cm2 (Rejuvenation) payable intensité: 3 à 5 J / cm2 (epilation) Lampes Durée: 6000 flash (epilation) vie de la lampe: 20,000 flash (Rejuvenation) Unité Poids: 1.7 kg Puissance : réseau de 220V. Champ d’application de la CE: Conformité 1 Unité 2 IPL Xenon Lamps 1 câble de connexion au réseau Manuel 1


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